Advantages and Challenges of Using MAS

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Advantages and challenges of using MAS Multi agent systems are the same of any system that have advantages and disadvantages. Multi agent systems consist of several autonomous agents that work together for the same goal with different interests. Therefore, MAS is decentralized system, which does not give an attention to one of its agent’s failure, it will keep moving to reach its goal. Conversely, a single agent will stop working if there is any failure within its resource or performance, because it is a centralized system. Also, it can be communicated with any kinds of sources either if it is public or private source by getting and then organizing the information from it based on a user’s requirements. Next, usually working as a group is much easier than individual work because it gives more options to assign the work for each agent based on its skills and experience. Therefore, it takes into account of agents’ abilities, experience, and locations. Finally, it elevates the system performance in general, particularly in result accuracy, quick reaction, elasticity, identifying problems, and accelerating of fixing them (Carnegie Mellon University, 2012). On the other hand, MAS has several obstacles such as: distributed computation, which means the difficulty of distribution tasks between agents and collection results from them to synthesize the final result. Communication is the second challenge for MAS, because it is hard to choose which language would be convenient among

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