Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skype

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I.1 Background
People rely on technology for every aspects of their lives and technology gives a significant impact to people’s lives. Technology is constantly changing, growing, and of course forcing the world to change as well. For people nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without technology and all of its luxuries that are provided from it. Some technology exists and causes lives of people to change and improve. Up until now, internet is still arguably the best and most widely used piece of modern technology. We can do anything with internet, and almost every aspect of our everyday lives is relying on internet, such as work, school, social relationships, and especially, communication.
As a human being, communication is
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SkypeOut also doesn't support calling emergency numbers such as 1-1-2 in Europe or 911 in the United States. The quality of SkypeOut service is not guaranteed, broken connections, there are drop-outs and compression distortion are frequently observed by users. Since then, Support for the above toll free numbers in Canada has been effectively removed since January 2012.
b. Caller ID for Outgoing Calls
Skype has a feature that allows users to set the caller ID for outgoing calls to normal telephone numbers. There is a set-up verification that involves a SMS text messaging to a selected mobile phone number, then typing the verification code into a web form. It can only be used by owners of mobile phones, since most regular home and business cannot receive text messages. However, SMS messaging from Skype’s system has not been working correctly in various locals, and even though Skype maintains the problem and it has been corrected, it continues to be inoperative, recently in the United States and Canada.
c. Online Numbers
A feature named Online Number (until 2010 named SkypeIn) allows Skype users to receive calls on their computers dialed from mobiles or landlines to a Skype-provided phone number. The number need not be in the same location as the user. Skype offers numbers in Australia, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,