Adventure : The Odyssey By Homer's Out Of Adventure?

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Adventure is inherent in many of us. Some of us more so than others, but all of us are seeking some sort of adventure in one way or another. Some of us seek it through our careers, jobs, and relationships, as opposed to others who seek it though travel, meeting new people and trying new things. The thrill of an adventure is what excites us. We are astounded by discovering the unknown, seeing new things, creating new experiences, and in a sense, becoming new people. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to realize the little things that give life its magic. Adventure is the link between who we were and who we are destined to become. Some of us step boldly into that new adventure without a hint of fear seeking it out often. Some of us take a little bit more time and make sure we make a calculated analysis before we step into the vast adventurous unknown. No matter what adventure you choose, the important thing to know is that if you are attracted to that adventure, for one reason or another, it was made for you. It could be the most intense life changing adventure you ever take, or you could fail miserably. A few compelling examples of texts that discuss adventures of heroes who went on journey's out of curiosity are "The Odyssey" by Homer, and "The Reasons We Explore Space" by Michael Griffin.

An epic is a long narrative poem that recounts the adventures of a hero who undertakes great journeys and performs deeds requiring
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