Adversity in Life Elicits Unknown Talents and Strength Essay

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Who we really are, what our real character is only truly elicited when we are challenged, as a proverb states, “In the darkest hour shines the brightest light.” Our true character shines through when we are pushed to our extremes and are placed in situations outside of the norm. Horace claims that when someone is faced with an adversity or a challenge, they are more likely to discover talents that they thought they never had. I agree with his claim that adversity breeds talents and strengthens our character, but still understand the importance of prosperity in developing talents.
The modern world has an abundance of prosperity; many countries are now affluent. In these prosperous circumstances talents stay hidden, but countries like Nepal, …show more content…

He was faced with the stuff of nightmares; he was alone, his was hurt, and he was running out of time. This was the greatest adversity that he would ever face and it helped uncover his greatest talent, his talent to survive. After running out of food and water he was forced to saw off his arm. His experience is almost unfathomable, could you saw off your arm with a rusty pocketknife? Without having faced this life or death situation Danny Boyle would have never known what lengths he would go to too survive; adversity breed that talent with in him.
Adversity doesn't only elicit talents and shape character in extreme situations; many people’s first experience of adversity is found in school sports. Growing up I was part of eight SAISA tournaments that have all changed who I am. In my experiences I faced a range of challenges, challenges that in any other situation I would have never come across. The most vivid situation was at SAISA football 2013. We had just reached the final of the tournament and with a big crowed at the pitch there was a lot of pressure, but that wasn’t the challenge I would be facing. Just five minutes into the match I came under a harsh headed tackle from an opposition player and as a result I spilt my eyebrow open. At first it wasn’t that bad, I tried to stand up but fell back down, then I felt the blood drip down my face and roll into my ear. I was then taken to the hospital, because the nurse feared a concussion. My character was strengthened

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