Advertising And The Advertising Groups

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Often you hear the phrase, “there is truth in advertising”. More and more media groups use unique and gimmicky concepts to grab the attention of their desired audience. One such concept commonly employed by advertising groups is scare tactics. Groups such as the Truth Campaign or the American Cancer Association have been using stark commercials with dark, and often graphic, materials to get across their anti-tobacco message. One of these ads (above) uses familiar imagery in a provocative way to grab the attention of the audience and provide a wealth of ideas to be explored within the image it. One such advertisement I have found that best demonstrates this is the Hangman ad found at the top of this paper. This anti-smoking ad executed by the “Kick the habit before it kicks you” ad campaign in 2008. The ad features cigarettes rearranged so it appears that an innocent game of hangman. Underneath the game the words “smokers never win”, appear in chalkboard writing. Simplicity and focus on the message dominate the theme of the advertisement. Not only is the ad not over the top or too graphic but, it is done in a way where the symbolism and message are easy to understand. However, the advertisement subtly uses cigarettes visually to shock viewers into agreeing with their point. Generally, people have played the word game hangman in elementary school. It is a game where you try to guess a letter of the word. Each time you acquire a correct letter you are safe, but…
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