Advertising And The Advertising Groups

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Often you hear the phrase, “there is truth in advertising”. More and more media groups use unique and gimmicky concepts to grab the attention of their desired audience. One such concept commonly employed by advertising groups is scare tactics. Groups such as the Truth Campaign or the American Cancer Association have been using stark commercials with dark, and often graphic, materials to get across their anti-tobacco message. One of these ads (above) uses familiar imagery in a provocative way to grab the attention of the audience and provide a wealth of ideas to be explored within the image it. One such advertisement I have found that best demonstrates this is the Hangman ad found at the top of this paper. This anti-smoking ad executed…show more content…
Once the whole stick figure of the body is shown, you lose. Another example of how visually the advertisement conveys its underlying message is the use of a blackboard. The advertisement employs a blackboard in the background to represent authority, as in authority figures such as teachers and professors. These authority figures utilize blackboards in classrooms for notes and assignments. Importantly, the blackboard displays ethos, due to the respect society displays toward teachers and professors. When viewed, the viewer registers the importance of the message the advertiser tries to convey. Other numerous visual elements have something to say to the viewer. These components provide pathos, which is the strongest pull in this ad. The burnt cigarettes represent the years slowly melting away, during the life of the smoker. The ash illustrates the toll inhaling hazardous chemicals and toxins contained in cigarettes. However, the viewer gravitates to the grim, main image of a stick figure made out of cigarettes in a hangman’s noose. This element represents the inevitable death that the smoker brings to themselves do their habit. Also, this game represents what the smokers are doing to their bodies. Since hanging yourself is a common form of suicide, it is a perfect metaphor of how this unhealthy habit smoking is. It is basically a slow form of suicide. Bringing all of these visual elements
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