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Advertising There are millions of people in the world, all of whom are potential car buyers in the car companies eyes, resulting in highly competitive advertising. These companies need to appeal to all groups of people, so for certain people, they will advertise a certain car. For another car they have created, they will appeal to another target audience. The most common target audiences are students, business men, women, families, elderly and environmentalists. All of these people are going to buy cars so they need cars which are going to appeal to them.

Both male and female car adverts are shown at particular times in the day. For example. There are
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The car should also be seen to make the man in the advert macho, and to look successful. This is because most men want to be seen as masculine with charisma. All of these issues are considered whilst portraying a man in a car advertisement.

Women on the other hand are seen to be more intelligent and sophisticated in car adverts. For women though, they also want to be seen as sexy and attractive somehow like the men. For both sexes its about looking and feeling the best you can and if the person in the advert looks great; feels great; why can’t you?

Although there are definite trends in the way men and women are portrayed in car advertisements there are also differences with different cars. In my study to find out whether companies are more successful in reaching women or men, I have gathered a collection of print and T.V ads in which I can analyse to do this.

In a Renault Laguna advert I have looked at, a man is seen cruising down a hill, weaving through the roads from a picturesque villa at the top, making it seem effortless in the mean time. Whilst he is doing this there is an insight to the car where the man is going through all the accessories inside. In this advert the man looks in control, very sophisticated and at the same time extremely stylish. This advert will appeal to a more self-conscious and judgemental man, but a man with a bit of money too. This advert
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