Advertising Is A Kind Of Communication

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Advertising is a sort of communication that encourages or affects an audience to purchase or protests of good quality (Richards & Curran, 2002). Also advertising has been used by an exclusive range of companies in every modern community, often by some production company or service of government. In fact, various media, which started in the early 1980s, helped marketers to know how to link the information with advertising and determine how to allocate resource marketing for that. In the late 1990s the digital marketing advent made it easier for marketers to connect with consumers faster (Nichols, 2013). While advertisements can take many forms today, such as television ads, newspaper ads, radio ads and Internet ads. There are several purposes of general advertising some of them found information about how to use the product the first time, others create a brand in the existing market or entice present consumers to buy new products. However, the main target of an advertising campaign is to convince a consumer to purchase, those that would make widespread marketing and good reputation (Daia, 2013). Especially young adults are important targets because they are new consumers.
Several previous researches have been conducted on how the advertisements affect consumers. One of these researches was a public attitude toward advertising, which was done among Americans. This showed that a majority of respondents liked advertising (Shavitt et. al., 1998). On the other hand,…
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