Advertising Uses In Advertising

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Advertisement, just the word brings thought of the super bowl, Times square, and the skip button. Ads have a very difficult job in that they have to present something to the viewers that no viewer wants to see. On television, commercials are seen as annoying and unnecessary; it is the time where you run to the bathroom or leave to get your favorite snack so that you can actually enjoy the programming on television. Advertisers know this and to make sure people pay attention to the commercials they started to play dirty. Steve Craig, the man who wrote the article, “Men’s Men and Women’s Women”, writes about the tricks that advertisers use in order to manipulate their audience. He writes about how commercials use specific details to make sure their specific audience are impacted by the commercial. Not only that but the whole marketing industry has been known to use statistical data and numbers to manipulate innocent victims as explained by Malcolm Gladwell in his article, “The Science of Shopping”. Sociology is also a subject of interest for ad men and women as they use social fads to make special ads that target the majority of people. This concept is even more explained by James A. Roberts in his article, “The treadmill of Consumption”. Like so many others I was simply unaware of the schemes that advertisers use. I previously saw ads as nothing more than a way for companies to promote their product, but the authors mentioned above changed my whole perception on ads by

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