Analysis Of ' Men 's Men And Women 's Women ' By Steve Craig

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What is it that drives commercials towards their target audience? Commercials can be for a certain age, race, and sometimes even a certain gender. Pop culture has influenced the minority groups and shed light to women 's rights or so it was thought. Lisa Shaffer a fellow student feels otherwise and believes that Pop culture has only defended traditional values and does little to challenge those who already have power . Commercials bring in gender norms and in Steve Craig’s article, “Men’s Men and Women’s Women” he speaks on four particular TV ads directed towards a particular gender. What is interesting is it shows a false image of the opposite sex to the audience being portrayed toward their preferences. It is the image the audience wants to see that appeals to them. This is all in an attempt to sell their products and take advantage of our desires and anxieties. Craig shows commercials brings gender norms that produce the ideas of what a man’s man and a woman’s woman which is why he would agree with Shaffer because it promotes an old way of thinking.

Craig highlights the gender norm that is place on a woman’s body connecting to their value. This is what Shaffer would see as the norm that contains woman and holds them in an old unfair position. Craig shows the gender norm of a woman’s body in the Weight Watchers commercial. Craig says,” As in the weight Watchers commercial, it is the woman’s body that is portrayed as the source of the man 's

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