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LINKS Simulation Reference Notes
About LINKS:

* LINKS is a supply chain management simulation * It details all the steps that go into efficiently running a supply chain and how they are interrelated including: analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. * Your team can view the results from lasts month’s decision on the LINKS website under the Excel Monthly Results. You should look at trends to determine how your decisions affect your performance. * Although your team might have high customer satisfaction or a high stock price, your performance in regards to the overall competition is determined via a multi-dimensional scorecard that takes the following criteria into account: * efficiency (input
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* Remember to open up Region 4 ASAP! This will increase your customer base and net you greater sales. * Insource RFID to reduce unnecessary future costs. Take the initial hit and you will save money in the long run. * Record goals, objectives, and decisions during each period to facilitate the creation of the final presentation. An example of a goal is “implement a new forecasting technique in month 5 to improve accuracy.” An example of an objective is “increase forecasting accuracy for months 5, 6, 7 to 84% on average.” An example of a decision is “implemented 3 month weighted forecasting technique in month 5.” * Understand Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and how they affect your overall performance. How does your customer satisfaction level and fill rate affect your customer satisfaction rating?

Getting Started (Strategy): * Teams need to understand how they measure success. Will you be happy with net income to revenue percentage of 10% but a low customer satisfaction rating? * Determine overall strategy…customer satisfaction maximization? Stock price maximization? Efficiency maximization? * Teams must compromise. You may develop a hybrid strategy that includes a little bit of each. * Try to tie your key performance indicators to

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