Advocate Illinois Masonic 's Life Of Rebuilding Post The Great Chicago Fire

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Introduction Advocate Illinois Masonic has a rich history in how it became the hospital it is today. Before it was called Illinois Masonic, it was Chicago Union Hospital. The Union Hospital was organized during the time of rebuilding post the great Chicago fire in 1901. Belden Avenue Baptist Church Steadfast Sunday School organized the union hospital. Amongst the board members of the hospital were some Masons who formed an association for the purpose of providing free medical and surgical treatment for master masons, members of the Eastern Star, and members of their families. In 1921 the Illinois Masonic Hospital Association purchased Chicago Union Hospital. Advocate Illinois Masonic is a 408 bed Level I trauma center teaching hospital. Although the hospital isn’t attached to a university, it plays host to 200 residents and 500 students. The HIM department rests on the first floor and basement. The department has close to 40 employees. At this particular facility the morgue is under HIM department, which is a new trend. The HIM department has ROI, Outpatient Coding, Vital Stats, Medical transcription and unbilled accounts, Risk Management, Subpoena Clerk, Deficiency Analyst, Registry coder, Document Imaging and HIM Clerk. These are the different areas of the HIM department at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Document Imaging Arriving to my first PPE experience was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. When I walked into Advocate Illinois Masonic I

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