Aerodynamic Braking System On A Race Car

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Aerodynamic Braking system on a race car

Vivek Muralidharan • Abhijith Balakrishnan • Suresh Kumar Y

Abstract— Every second in a racing competition counts the performance of a team against the other. Many innovative and sophisticated techniques are being employed to overcome loses in time and add to the performance of the vehicle. Especially in a car racing challenge there is more freedom to install these innovative systems to empower the car to maximum efficiency due to availability of more space. At the global spectrum there are few events which encourage such innovations. Formula Student Racing competitions are one of the global events organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers of different countries which gives opportunity to university students to build and race formula style cars. Like any other racing competitions in this high octane event having an inch over their opponents is always an advantage. Not just better acceleration and high velocities but also good deceleration is required to excel in the competition. Aerodynamic Braking system is utilizing the aerodynamic drag force to create high deceleration. This mechanism can be installed on any car with spoilers with minimum modification. Being a student event great amount of care needs to be given to the safety concerns of the driver.
Index Terms—Aerodynamic wings, aerodynamic braking, airfoil, downforce, drag and formula student racing

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in…
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