Aerodynamic Braking System On A Race Car

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Aerodynamic Braking system on a race car

Vivek Muralidharan • Abhijith Balakrishnan • Suresh Kumar Y

Abstract— Every second in a racing competition counts the performance of a team against the other. Many innovative and sophisticated techniques are being employed to overcome loses in time and add to the performance of the vehicle. Especially in a car racing challenge there is more freedom to install these innovative systems to empower the car to maximum efficiency due to availability of more space. At the global spectrum there are few events which encourage such innovations. Formula Student Racing competitions are one of the global events organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers of different countries which gives …show more content…

Like any racing event, a student racing event also has the thrill and intensity of competition. Minimal lap timings are the concern of all the participating teams. Along with good acceleration and high velocity, a good deceleration is an important parameter which decides the performance of the vehicle. A good amount of deceleration is required especially while maneuvering sharp corners [2]. Besides, the Formula Student racing event is classified into static events and dynamic events. In order to qualify to the dynamic events every team must clear the scrutinizing which include the brake test [3] wherein every car should brake in a straight line between two marked lines on the track. It can be accounted that better deceleration is required to execute smooth cornering and qualify the brake test. In order to increase the braking ability of the car, the drag created while steering can be utilized. The aerodynamic wings also known as the spoilers can be modified to capture the drag force created due to the motion of the vehicle and thereby contribute to braking. This paper is based on the work done over the NITK Racing Formula Student Car to capture the drag force by changing the angle of attack of the rear airfoil while braking. On application of brakes, the aerodynamic wings present at the rear is adjusted to corresponding angle of attack where the drag created is maximum. A study has been done to find the amount

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