Sebastian Vettel Research Paper

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The name may not sound familiar, but Sebastian Vettel is the best Formula One driver thats driving today. Surprisingly, he is the youngest person to do this kind of racing since it started back in 1950. Coincidently, Formula One racing is a lot like NASCAR except the cars look different. Now, it is a popular sport around the world but not as popular here in America and that’s why a lot of people here don’t know a lot about this fast paced sport. In the last three years, Sebastian has won four world championships and could own a fifth next year. Also, he started racing at the age of seven by driving in go-kart races. There are a lot of racing legends when it comes to Formula One, but Sebastian is in a league all his own. When
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Finally I won, but I was really disappointed – I didn’t get a cup, just a simple crown.” (Vettel) (2011). After a few years of dominating in kart racing, the popular energy drink known as Red Bull took an interest in his driving and sponsored him. After the endless winning, he started gaining various titles such as the Junior Monaco Kart Cup in 2001. After he competed in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series in 2007, he also took his first win at the famous Nürburgring. He was leading the championship when he was called up to Formula One to race professionally and permanently by BMW.
Formula One Career During his big debut, Vettel set the fastest time in the second free practice before his first race in F1. In his second testing session in the 2006 Italian Grand Prix, he set the fastest time in both Friday practice sessions, which isn’t something that happens too often especially for a rookie. Red Bull signed Sebastian when he resigned from the BMW team in the 2007-2008 season to drive their Toro Rosso race car. During the beginning of the season, Sebastian had a rough time fitting in with the other drivers. Whenever he would try to associate with his teammates, they would ignore him and refer to him as rookie. The team’s best driver and popular F1 prodigy, Mark Webber, was no exception. Mark and Sebastian were racing together in Japan at the Japanese Grand Prix when rainfall at the time ended their race
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