Aeschylus And Lucretius Essay

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To start this free-write off, I will begin by noting that both Aeschylus and Lucretius did a wonderful job at portraying the death of Iphigenia and expanding on the emotions of all persons involved. However, I believe the two did this in almost very different yet similar way. Aeschylus has a very passionate and poetic feel to his writing, conveying the sorrow and intensity in a very dramatic way; using a wonderful array of descriptive and emotional words to set the scene. On the other hand, you have Lucretius, who was very detailed and straightforward with everything happening, using the description of the scene itself to portray the emotions and explain what is happening. In the following paragraphs, I would like to attempt to analyze these differences further.…show more content…
“Defiled Diana's altar, virgin queen, with Agamemnon's daughter”, this line almost entirely lacks emotion, yet manages to tell the reader exactly what is happening and lets them feel the tragedy. For me the most emotional lines are “sinless woman, sinfully foredone, a parent felled her on her bridal day”, this again lacks a lot of emotion but successfully implies them. My favorite line is when he calls Iphigenia a sacrificial beast, in a similar manor to Aeschylus calling her a goat. I think to call one style more emotional than the other is a bit of a stretch. Aeschylus made the you practically feel what was happening, leaving the rest of the passage to be envisioned by the reader with all the emotions to he had given you. Lucretius managed to make it very direct, leaving it up to the reader to infer the practically obvious emotions. Overall, I felt more invested in Lucretius’ writings than Aeschylus, purely because I knew exactly what was happening versus Aeschylus’ where I felt more emotions for Iphigenia but there was a bit of ambiguity for the situation she was
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