Affirmative Action : Is It Really Necessary Today?

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Javier Santana
March 23, 2017
English 103
Affirmative Action, Affirmative action, it remains present today but is it really necessary in today’s society? Affirmative action is an action favoring those who have suffered from discrimination either past or presently. It was put in place at a time when it was absolutely necessary in society and it was to give people of color the same opportunities as the white majority, the intention was to become more open-minded as a country and inclusive of all races, but it has served its purpose. The truth is that affirmative action has now become detrimental to this country as a whole because it has formed a sort of “reverse discrimination” where people who might be better qualified to fit a position
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Why are we setting our children up to fail? Shouldn’t we give the best candidates the position if they’ve proven themselves capable of effectively operating at the next level? The truth is that with affirmative action, some of these kids are given an unfair advantage compared to others based on their skin color. When affirmative action was put into place, the United States was undoubtedly an unfair place and wasn’t providing equal opportunities to people of color or just anyone that wasn’t a part of the white majority. Since then there have been numerous movements and laws that have changed that, one of them being affirmative action. But whatever it was put into place for is irrelevant now because of the state of our country now. We’re not a perfect country in terms of being fair to all, but it is not as extreme as it once was and it is not to the point where we need an actual law passed in order to create a more equal and fair society. Yes, there are some close-minded people but for the most part the entire united states has taken great steps in the right way. In our universities, Affirmative action has given people of color a “plus” when it comes to getting accepted. Where there might be a child who is slightly better qualified and has definitely proven an understanding and ability to do well in class, they might be rejected because of this affirmative action. Affirmative action is only restricting the best possible people for the best possible positions. And by doing
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