Affirmative Debate: Acces to Drinking Water Essay

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Intro – “Over 4,000 children die every day from water related diseases. In fact, more lives have been lost after World War II due to contaminated water than from all forms of violence and war. This humanitarian catastrophe has been allowed to fester for generations. We must stop it.” [Herald Tribune]
It is because I agree with Mikhail Gorbachev, that I must affirm today’s resolution. Resolved: Access to drinking water ought to be valued as a human right instead of as a commodity.
The value I will be upholding in today’s debate is Justice, which is keeping equality and providing what is fair for the people. Justice should be viewed as the most important idea in this round because it is necessary to keeping order in modern society. …show more content…

This brings me to my second contention. In order to preserve life, sanitary drinking water must be provided to everyone around the world as a human right. According to the [Herald Tribune], “over 4,000 children are dying every day from water-related diseases.” By offering clean drinking water as a human right to these diseased people, we could help them improve their health and ultimately protect their life. Not only would access to drinking water protect the lives of the already diseased people, but it would also protect the lives of people who are at risk of catching these sometimes fatal diseases. If sanitary drinking water was accessible to these people in need, as well as everyone else, they would no longer live in fear of contracting these diseases. Thus in this point we see that it is only fair to value drinking water as a human right in order to protect human lives that could be in danger due to the diseases in their current water supply.
And finally, my third contention is that valuing drinking water as a human right will protect lives and achieve justice by putting an end to “water wars”. If access to drinking water was provided to everyone around the world, there would be no need for countries or groups to fight over clean water sources. According to [Blue Gold], "water wars between countries competing for scarce water resources have become a serious international concern” with many deaths as a result. Justice would be achieved if everyone in

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