African American Criminal Justice Graduates in the Real World

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Introduction/ Purpose of the Study Does obtaining a degree in a particular field grantee you a successful career within that field? As for African Americans, will most criminal justice graduates have a career in their field of study post graduation? How long will it take to achieve a career in the criminal justice field? The theme of this research is to examine the advantages of obtaining a criminal justice degree and how effective it is within individuals’ careers within the field of criminal justice. Through this research readers will be educated on the effectiveness of having a criminal justice degree. Current undergraduate students will grasp an idea of whether obtaining a criminal justice degree is useful or not. This particular subject area has been research and examined for years. The purpose and intention of the research is to determine whether having a criminal justice degree benefit those that graduate within that field. In addition, future criminal justice graduates will have a sense of where their career path will lead to. Experts also examine if having a criminal justice degree is necessary for individuals to become police officers, correctional officers, or probation and parole officers. This research was published by the International journal of Criminal Justice Sciences in December of 2013. The authors thesis is that the individual perceptions of criminal justice and criminology majors are important because the data reveal can and will assist and better

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