African American Culture in the Americas

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African Americans brought over a distinctive culture into America from Africa. The Africans can create many different sounds that we never knew about. They revived the way we held church and worship, and brought joy to many citizens. African Americans enslaved by the South created a truly magnificent culture in slavery using new music, oral traditions, and religious ideas.

Many African countries are known for their spectacular music, and during the time of slavery many African American slaves used a lot of positive and uplifting music. A lot of our present day language and music has a lot to do with African traditions that occurred during the 19th century (Slave Culture). They performed a lot of sea chanties, yodeling, and created a falsetto to better convey their spiritualness (Slave Culture).They also made quite a lot of musical instruments like drums, banjos, and rattles from a type of gourd that was similarly found in Africa (Sambol-Tosco). When slaves did get some free time on Sundays or holidays, they usually did quite a lot of singing and dancing together (Sambol-Tosco). The African Americans did use a lot of instruments and clapped their hands together in a form of music known as “patting juba” (Sambol-Tosco). Music and singing held a lot of importance to the slaves both secularly and spiritually, and many great black musicians were praised by both black and white citizens (Sambol-Tosco). However, not all of this wonderful music was met with praises, as some

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