African Americans : African American And A Writer

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Being African-American and a writer was rare to say back then since many people viewed African-Americans as uneducated and illiterate. Till this day many people still see African-Americans as less competent than any other person from a different race. Throughout history we’ve seen many accomplishments from African-Americans, either it being in sports or in the educational field. I’ve never doubted African-Americans on their capacity on what they can and cannot do. African-Americans have broken many barriers and stereotypes of what prejudice and racist people view them as. It’s nice to be alive knowing and seeing how currently our president, Barack Obama is an African-American who ran for presidency and won the two terms he ran for. I hope educators and leaders of this country start shifting their views on Africa-Americans and stop downgrading them because they are humans as well and they’re capable of doing anything they set their mind to. May educators motivate African-American students and help them achieve instead of giving up on them and not seeing their potential. Throughout this course I have learned many knowledge from African-American authors who have shown the world what they’re capable of and their creativity in their writings. Two authors who I found very interesting while reading their writings were Nat Turner and Malcolm X. The purpose of writing this paper is to compare and contrast Nat Turner and Malcolm X of what I have learned from their writings and as well

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