African Americans And The Civil War

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When the Civil War began, they wanted to take part in fighting to free all slaves. At the end of the civil war passed the civil rights act that gave citizenship to people that are born in the united states, years later African American men were given the right to vote. This might give equal rights but African Americans are still being discriminated. Almost century later, African Americans are still being discriminated. They got jobs and their kids go to school, but more notice that it wasn 't right because they don 't interact with white people. Like in school they have different schools for colored students and in the colored schools don 't have the same supplies as the white schools and then started. Students in Virginia stared protesting against the school system because they weren 't given the same opportunities as white students. One Famous case on this is Brown V. Broad of Education, 1954. There are a lot of cases that African Americans didn 't felt equal in society because it wasn 't just in schools that they are being separated, They can 't go to the same public place as white people. More and more people are aware that this is happening also other stuff around the world is happening that most people don 't even realize it. The cold war was going on for a while and then Vietnam war beginning that most people are being drafted. African Americans are starting groups that are trying to support each other and make a change in the rights they have because they are

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