African Americans: Autoethnography. This Past Saturday

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African Americans: Autoethnography This past Saturday I attended my neighbors daughters baby shower, whom I have known for about a year. My neighbor is an African American woman, and so is her daughter, along with their family and friends. I didn’t think anything different about myself attending a baby shower and being surrounded by all African American females, until I got this assignment, then it really made me open my eyes when engaging. I was the only white female at this event, and the only other female who was not African American was a Hispanic female. Nothing felt out of the ordinary or different, until I analyzed everything that was happening. In this assignment I was an observer and a participant. Not only did I engage in social …show more content…

I did notice a couple of the other guest looking at me a little differently after my neighbor had said, “list African-American mothers…” The fact that we were playing a game where only African Americans were identified didn’t bother me, but maybe other guests thought it could have made me feel uncomfortable. Deep down I did feel a little uncomfortable but nothing big. Also, I was able to match a good amount of the names, so that made me feel good. About an hour and a half had passed and we finished up all of the planned games. Also, snack foods were provided and I was having casual conversations with some of the guests. Again, I did not feel uncomfortable in any way. Yes, being the only white female does put up an invisible wall between me and the other guests., but the social interaction was natural. Though at times I did feel disconnected and at times I felt a little like an outsider. The fact is, in todays society we have done so much categorizing and labeling, so when someone is different from another we throw him or her in a category and isolate him or her from the rest. We have also become ethnocentric around our own races and that is why there is an invisible wall between different races and ethnicities. Last, it was time to for the mother to be to open her baby gifts. Majority of the gifts were simple baby necessities like diapers, blankets, binkies and stuffed animals. On the other hand, there were a

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