After Diagnosis, Parental Action, And Acceptance By The

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After diagnosis, parental action, and acceptance by the child, treatment can get treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most efficient treatment for OCD. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches a child different way to behave. There is scientific evidence that this form of therapy causes chemical reactions in the brain. A person who uses this therapy will undergo chemical changes in the brain and feel relief from their symptoms of OCD (Schwartz 1996). A child with OCD needs to understand that they get recurring thoughts and need to learn how to stop it. Cognitive behavioral therapy weakens the link between obsessive thoughts, compulsions and anxious thoughts which make them have relief (March & Mule, 1998). Cognitive …show more content…

There was a ten-year-old study on cognitive behavioral therapy which says that this therapy is the most efficient way to treat OCD (Developmental Disabilities Bulletin, 2004). It also says that this therapy is as good as taking medication. The study also shows that cognitive behavioral therapy should be the first treatment for children suffering from OCD The three steps of cognitive behavioral therapy are extremely difficult. listed above sound easy to do but are in fact extremely difficult (Developmental Disabilities Bulletin, 2004).
Research Limitations Albano & Kendall (2002) discusses how cognitive behavioral therapy is the most efficient treatment for OCD. The authors are bias since they are obviously pro this treatment. They overlook other treatments for this disorder. The authors use a lot of information to support their conclusion. They present facts and proof of reasons this treatment is more effective. Chansky, T.E. (2000) wrote a book helping parents cope with OCD. In my opinion Chansky was not bias. The author presented information, symptoms, and treatment plans for people with OCD. The book did a great job portraying the symptoms, and teaching parents how to deal with OCD. Developmental Disabilities Bulletin, 2004, is an article discussing how cognitive behavioral therapy is the best treatment. The article is bias as it states how it is the best treatment. The

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