Afterhours Case Study

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NASCAR at Richmond International Raceway, Short Pump Town Center, the UCI bike race, Richmond International Airport, and Innsbrook Afterhours are all some of Henrico County’s hallmark features and events. It is important to the county that its residents are able to enjoy these facilities safely and easily. The Innsbrook Afterhours summer concert series is a central feature of the county during the warmer months. Its widely varying acts bring in all different types of people, who all should be able to enjoy the weather and the music safely. Leaving from these events, however, puts concert-goers and the general public at a special risk because of the amounts of alcohol commonly consumed at these events. It is necessary for public safety to give citizens options to make right decisions. Henrico County Police has the chance to make more options available, that would make everyone safer.

Selective enforcement and a marketing initiative working in concert are means to combat driving under the influence offenses both proactively and preventatively. “Operation After-Afterhours” is an initiative to help fulfill the needs of the public to make wise decisions.
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This will both help with traffic flow and allow officers to identify drunk drivers more efficiently. As a part of the briefing prior to, Officers involved in the initiative would be provided with DUI packets filled with paperwork and instructions necessary for completing both a DUI citation and a DUI crash. These packets will be furnished by either the Police Explorers program or SALT program, establishing more shareholders in the operation, as well as increasing efficiency and comfortability among the patrol officers. Officers will also be given the opportunity during briefing to see Pre-Exit Tests and Standard Field Sobriety Tests performed, to again aid in their own patrol
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