Afterlife In Latin America

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Throughout a person's life controversy arises in many forms which does not exclude the unimaginable. Questions regarding afterlife, and the living among the dead have always been prevalent. People write about the impossible to escape from the possible. When the reality of what is occurring in their lives becomes overwhelming one may find peace in fantasy. Latin America has been a region notorious for suffering. People starved and died of disease. A direct result of this pain can be seen in the literature from that region. What the pain causes is the all too real topic of the supernatural. What is not seen becomes impossible to ignore because they were unjustly treated in life, and will not be denied justice in the afterlife. To see such conflict …show more content…

Love is typically referred to as a serious and important matter. However when a person does not take it seriously it turns into something else and can become something of a sick joke. “My black cat falls in love with every cat he meets he refuses to be snared by a single love the way I did” (Alegria 318). The metaphorical cat has no commitment and toys with love instead of sticking with one great one. It turns the topic of love which is meant to be about hope and love into a twisted game. Another topic that has a usual heavy feel is death. However in Latin America death is imminent and the people embrace that. “My black cat doesn’t know he will die one day he doesn’t cling to life as I do” (Alegria 318). Because the cat is the author’s one may assume that it is a reflection of how the author no longer expects a long life. Amongst the gloomy topics is the one which involves the dead thirsting for compensation. In life some people strive towards a happy afterlife, but when that is not achieved the dead may not in fact rest in peace. “It’s not their begging they’re demanding they’ve earned the right to order us to break our sleep” (Alegria 319). The dead fight with the living in order to take back what they deserve. What was robbed from them when they walked alongside the living. In order for an author to …show more content…

Latin American authors repeat phrases or words to insure that their point is being understood. In “Savoir Faire” the author Claribel Algeria repeats the phrase “black cat” in order to remind readers that it is not just a cat nor is it insignificant. The superstition behind black cats cannot be overlooked in this situation as it is continuously mentioned. Repetition is also used to help a reader understand the implications. Repeating something in a different way gives new perspective. “I think of our boys of our burnt out heroes the amputated the cripples those who lost both legs both eyes the stammering teenagers” (Algeria 319). In this quote we see the type of damage that has been done to the people. The amount of examples and different types helps the reader feel emotion in different

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