Age of Anxiety Versus Contemporary Humanity Essay

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Life in general is consisting of metamorphic events. These changes are part of human history as well as his culture. In this paper I would tried to compare two different period of that history, commonly known as age of anxiety and contemporary humanity. These two periods are somehow interrelated, one Preceding the other. The age of anxiety was made up of many horrific events which determine later on how Nation are build and alliance are concluded in the world. This period was mark primarily by the biggest war recorded that the human kind have seem, War world I and world II. It was also a greet period of Invention of many technologies. Contemporary humanity can be considered as a post child of Anxiety era. That period has seen a …show more content…

Even though human conditions were better than the threats of everyday life were not so much improved? We still have to worry about terrorist with even more deadly intentions, economies on the edge of failure. A clear example is how we were a utopian society, the complete opposite of our age and the age of anxiety where we wouldn’t have to lock our doors, check them twice to make sure no one robs us, or driving your car knowing that at any moment a distracted driver may run you over which could be deadly. We can still see the age of anxiety somehow in our world today. According to Newsweek article retrieved on title “Why the Iranian Nuclear Deal is Dangerous”, “For years the United States has pressed other countries to support and enforce U.N. Security Council resolutions that demand Iran stop all of its enrichment activities and enter negotiations.” This deal though important for the stability of the region and the world is seen by some people as a bad one because it would eventually lead to the nation of the mullah to acquire the nuclear weapon. Many believed that the current censures are working and they are bringing the country to its knees. The reality is if a negotiation is not started will lead to a nuclearize region. This will cause more anxiety for developing Nations. In the first rang the United States and the Western world in general. This can be a clear example of a current day

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