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1. Agency Information: Provide information on the agency (is) or organization(s), to include a. The full name- the name of the agency that I have volunteered for is Good Life Fitness Center. b. Their mandate/mission/goals- At Good Life our purpose is to give every Canadian the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life. (Good Life Fitness, 2015) c. A description of the services provided – At Good Life Fitness center, they provide a way for members to work on achieving a healthy active life while improving there physical well being. They provide private training for clients as well as they are linked with back in motion physical therapy. They also provide a service for members to be able to work out while having their kid monitored in …show more content…

2. Discussion of your involvement and relationship to the organization Describe the types of activities that you participated in, tasks completed, etc.- While volunteering at good life I was in charge with the help of the other volunteers and paid staff to look after and promote the importance of healthy active living with members children. I helped run games and activities to promote physical activity with the children from ages 6 months to 12 years of age. I was also able to assist with the in take of children and filling out the necessary paper work for the children to be dropped off. I was also in charge of helping clean up and assist in the maintence of the jump room like sweeping and sanitizing toys. While volunteering for Saint Vincent’s place myself and two of my classmates participated in the coldest night of the year. We worked together to raise money for the 5km walk that we participated in. Discuss the value of the volunteer role/activity/event(s) related to the needs of the clients, the mandate of the agency, and the types of services provided. (8 marks) The services that I provided while volunteering for good life were invaluable. At any given night we could have up wards of 10 children ranges from ages 6 months to 12 years of age. They only have one paid staff per night and they rely of the volunteer staff that they have. Many of the members need this service so

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