Agency Information On The Agency

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1. Agency Information: Provide information on the agency (is) or organization(s), to include

a. The full name- the name of the agency that I have volunteered for is Good Life Fitness Center.
b. Their mandate/mission/goals- At Good Life our purpose is to give every Canadian the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life. (Good Life Fitness, 2015)
c. A description of the services provided – At Good Life Fitness center, they provide a way for members to work on achieving a healthy active life while improving there physical well being. They provide private training for clients as well as they are linked with back in motion physical therapy. They also provide a service for members to be able to work out while having their kid monitored in a safe and encouraging environment.
d. A description of the population who is being served- the population that is being served is everyone in the community.
e. The full name- The Second place that I volunteered for was Saint Vincent’s Place
f. Their mandate/mission/goals- Embracing the way of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul we serve the homeless and poor of our community by actions that provide them with shelter, clothing, food, household essentials and compassionate attention through a dedicated group of volunteers and staff.”
g. A description of the services provided- they are a non-profit organization, dedicated to assisting members of the community with basic needs and skill development. (St. Vincent’s Place, 1015)
h. A…
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