Agent Zero: A Short Story

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Prologue In the middle of the woods, a cabin with boarded windows and broken shingles sat. Warped wood walls trapped the occupants inside. A chemistry set, fizzling with concoctions lay on a table. A man with molded hair laying on the shoulders of his lab coat poured this glowing green liquid into a syringe. He turns around, where another man kneeled at his feet said, "Lord Grendal, I am ready for enlightenment." Grendal smiled and stuck the syringe in the mans neck. There was a series of screams and shouts from the man. "It is perfect," replies the Scientist, "Just perfect." Chapter With a couple of strikes to the chest a giant falls on the icy plains of Antarctica.
A giant warsuit delivered the blows. The suit was a mechanical forretress …show more content…

Agent 60, his brother, requests an absence. They agree as they lay their hands on him. As soon as he steps outside of the secret OEPR, base an old beggar with beat up clothes walks over to the agent and says, " I'd have put on better clothes, but I didn't have enough time to change since the incident." The secret Agent 20, a master of disguise, looked up and told Agent 60 a rumor of the war suit missing it's seat and parachute. "He's dead," says Agent 60. A few months later, in an Underground, a man with a gun, basic provisions, a battle knife, and a grudge steps into the world for the first time in a really long …show more content…

He takes out a syringe, injecting himself. Out of the alleyway a Minotaur smashes through buildings, wreaking havoc. The man in the underground takes off his jacket, and a torn black tuxedo sees the light. The man's face wears a set of taped sunglasses. He holds up his gun, his right hand that's holding the gun broadcasts the tattoo AGENT on his knuckles. On his other hand the tattoo reads 57. A couple of bullets to the back gets the Minotaur's attention. The Minotaur clawed at the ground and charged. Agent 57 leapt over the top of the Minotaur and grabbed on to his back. Stabbing the Minotaur in the base of the neck, makes the Minotaur fall. Not quite dead yet the Minotaur knocked the agent off of him, and grabbed the knife, throwing it aside. Again, the Minotaur charges. Diving out of the way, Broadsword grabs and throws his knife. The knife lodges itself into the Minotaur's leg. The Minotaur who is on the ground whimpers and wails, while Agent 57 stands over it gun in hand."Stop! That's a human fused with my serum," says Grendal, emerging from the

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