Agile Development Methods

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Agile Development Methods The 21st century is characterized with digital revolution and IT innovation. It is the era of automation and Information Systems have become the operational need of every organization. Gone are the days when organizations used to maintain manual records. Now, everything is electronic and organizations are running information systems to manage each and every process and activity carried out for their business. This paper casts light on the business dynamics and software changes required in the information systems from to time. The paper explains why it is necessary to incorporate changes and what the agile software development methods are. Flexible Business Processes It is interesting to mention that modern global business practices require flexibility in business operations as customer requirements are unpredictable and business dynamics are subject to change. In lieu of unpredictability in internal and external business environment, organizations need to adapt to the circumstances. The adaptability and flexibility is mandatory for existence, survival and development of organizations. In order to reap the benefits of automation and enjoy the technological advancement, organizations tend to automate their operations. There are many organizations which excel in the field of information system development. These are software houses which deal in customized application development and standard product development as well. The customized
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