Aging Is A Process Of A Disease Based On Genetic Makeup ( Schneider )

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Aging is a process through which organism’s functionality decline systematically. The decrease in human organism is due to genetic cellular and molecular modifications. The level of changes on the longevity of the plant can affect it in several ways in a gradual process as the age progresses with time. According to Finch, the process of aging can also have a definition that it is the accumulation of underlying molecular errors (Finch,2007). These errors with time eventually corrupt the adult stem cells. The effect of the accumulating errors is due to some epigenetic and genetic interactions (Finch, 2007). Lerner found out that the genetic interactions rely on the heredity, stochastic and environmental factors (Lerner et al, 2013). The …show more content…

Genetic predisposition factors come from biological conditions that one person claims through their heredity (Lerner et al, 2013). Some of these conditions can have an effect on how people think and behave due to the genetic predisposition. A good example is some traits such as theft and alcoholism that people of a given family have either in a past history or in the long run for future preferences. The behaviors may be due to biological factors but not traits that effect the growth and development process (Lerner et al, 2013). Aging on the other hand is a process that affects the human and other organisms’ as a whole. It is, therefore, basically, the adding damages of tissues, cells, and molecules during the process of growth and development. It is a process that takes place in a lifetime span. The changes in the psychological process are permanent (Finch, 2007). The changes will, therefore, affect the way the organism balances the homeostasis process in the body. (Finch, 2007) The body then begin to become immune to the stress conditions in the long run. The declining capacity of the body to maintaining a balance in the homeostasis process is a risk condition to the health of the organism (Finch,2007). It is the reason the body becomes prone to diseases and complications. Some of the severe health issues that occur due to

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