Effects Of Aging On Aging And Aging

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Also spelled as ageing, this is generally the process of becoming old. It is the in a way the opposite of immortality. In a broader aspect, it may occur to single cells in an organism also called cellular senescence or the population of a species, known as population ageing. This process primarily affects human beings and fungi. In humans, it signifies the accumulation of various changes which occur over time. The changes include physical, social and psychological changes.

Causes of aging are very uncertain. Besides, there are several factors which predispose an individual to premature aging. Current theories suggest that this process occurs to due to cellular damage such as DNA oxidation by free radicals causing …show more content…

Old persons are also predisposed to various medical conditions including diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome that may increase the chances of constipation.

The genitourinary system
The bladder and urinary tract depict the epitome of various old age associated conditions. Urinary incontinence otherwise known as loss of bladder control is a common problem associated with aging. Besides old age, diabetes and other conditions also contribute to incontinence. Other common conditions include menopause for women and enlarged prostate for men.

Advancing age is commonly associated with loss of memory. The inability to maintain both short term and long term memory is serious. Learning new things or remembering familiar words and names can be quite daunting.

Senses-Eyes and Ears
Advancing age is a common hindrance to the proper functioning of the body senses. The eyes will have difficulty focusing on near and distant objects. Adapting to different levels of light is the other common problem. Cataracts, also called clouding of vision is another common condition that results from changes in eye’s lens. Hearing abilities also diminish. With this, you will have difficulties following a conversation or hearing high frequencies.

Receding of the gums is a notable condition in this bracket. As mentioned earlier, old age is associated with various medical conditions. Medications used to

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