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Aging; the process of growing old, happens so quickly the individual who is undergoing the process does not even realize. One day they are young and able to run around a track and in the blink of an eye they need assistance to walk from the kitchen to the living room. Aging is a natural process in which the changes of a human being are shown over time. Changes such as physical, psychological, and social changes happen throughout the process. Along with going through the natural process of aging a humans body becomes more at risk for diseases. Aging is a very difficult and emotional process for an individual but it also is a very intense process for their caregiver as well. The American Psychological Association states that, “Being a caregiver for an ill or disabled loved one is widely recognized as a threat to the caregiver’s quality of life.” (2010) It is a threat to the caregivers quality of life because they to start to become down and hopeless. When involving yourself with someone who is ill or elderly they are not always happy or up for doing things that younger individuals are still able to . These caregivers can get caught up in taking care of their ill or elderly and start to settle with a much more low key life. They…show more content…
Patients need the correct care and such things as transportations, medications, and equipment to make the patients days a little easier also come at a cost, a high cost. The costs of caregiving are not covered by insurance so the money that is used for all these accommodations comes from the caregiver’s pocket. This begins arguments within the caregiver and their spouse on how they are spending money because they also have their own family to support. Remaining employed while also being a caregiver is highly recommended. Being able to bring in money and balance time will help the caregiver and their loved one have the best relationship

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