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Chapter 11 Agriculture Review Questions

1. What events lead to the beginnings of the First Agricultural Revolution? How did the First Agricultural Revolution lead to the formation of urban areas? (you should incorporate plant domestication, and animal domestication in your answer)

Events that lead to the beginnings of the First Agricultural Revolution are plant and animal domestication helped humans settle down. Plant domestication allowed humans to cultivate root crops and seed crops. Root crops are reproduced by cultivating either the roots or cuttings from the plants. Seed crops are plants that involve a more complex process in which includes well-timed harvesting. Animal domestication had advantages such as humans can use
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The imprint that agriculture makes on the cultural landscape is as you look from the West Coast of the United States to the East Coast you would see green circles standing out in arid regions of the country are places where center- pivot irrigation systems circle around a pivot, providing irrigation to a circle of crops. Then you can also see a checkerboard pattern on the landscape that reflects the pattern of land ownership in much of the country. Three main Cadastral systems, the method of land survey through which land ownership and property lines are defined, include township and range system, metes and bounds and the longlot survey system. Township and range system divides land into a series of rectangular parcels. The land was bought and sold in a gridlike pattern on the land in whole, half, or quarter sections. Metes and bounds survey system uses natural features are used to demarcate irregular parcels of lands. Long- lot survey system divides land into narrow parcels stretching back from rivers, roads, or canals.

4. Discuss the overall changes in agriculture from family farming to commercial agriculture. Be sure to explain the environmental impacts of commercial agriculture.

Commercial and family farming are two different concepts of farming. Family farms are organic and healthy yet it is expensive since not much is made in family farms. Commercial farming is the opposite. Commercial farms use additive, preservatives and also lack sanitation.
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