Aid For Developing Countries Improve Economic Growth

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For centuries wealthy countries have been giving away billions of dollars to help developing countries improve their economic situation. We have found out aid given to these countries in economic need have caused positive and negative affects towards the government. The basic reasons of giving aid are to help developing countries stimulate economic growth or directly give resources to meet people’s basic needs. The question is whether this aid is helping the developing country’s government or hurting it and by how much? Aid given to these countries can include donations, projects and technical assistance. Wealthy countries give aid to developing countries to promote their own governments internationally and fulfill their economical and political agendas. Throughout history many people have not been accountable for the effects of the aid and just made sure that the aid was there. Also countries that have been giving aid to a particular country for a period of time tend to pull out the aid because different interests arising in the donating country. This cripples the aid receiving country’s economy because the aid was holding the economy together is gone and they have to start building all over. This dependence on aid leaves the country in economic ruins when the aid disappears. Now that we have a background on aid we can see why the knowing the effect aid has on governments is so important.
Determining whether or not aid is beneficial to governments is crucial…
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