Aids : Hiv And Aids

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The first case of HIV was reported in 1981 and since then, it has spread rapidly turning into a pandemic (WHO 2014). Thirty-five million people currently live with HIV worldwide and 2.1 million deaths were recorded in 2013 (WHO 2014). HIV in the WHO African region is the highest in the world as the continent bears 70% of the disease burden (WHO AFRO 2013). In 2013, 24 million people in Africa were reported to be living with HIV. One of the high burden countries in this region is Nigeria and it ranks as the second highest after South Africa (WHO AFRO 2013). Despite the efforts on the international and local fronts to curb this epidemic, the continuous rise in new cases has shown that more needs to be done.

There is need for the development of new strategies that will halt the emergence of new cases and provide efficient prevention. Therefore, this essay provides the situation analysis of HIV in Nigeria in terms of prevalence, burden of disease and existing interventions. It aims to assess interventions that are currently successful and to make recommendations based on prioritization and the best available evidence. This is because prevention is the most important strategy that could be help in reversing the burden and trend of HIV in Nigeria.

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is an infectious disease that destroys the human immune system or impairs their function (WHO 2014). The disease often progressively leads to a weaker…

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