Aids : The Problem Of Aids

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Although advancements in AIDS research have continued over the past 2 decades, the misconception that people can contract the AIDS virus from sharing a drink is still prevalent. Aids is a major issue throughout the world and kills many people. One of the problems with aids is that it can kill people. A current solution for aids is there are medicines that people suffering from aids take and these medicines increase a person with aids life span. A future plan for aids is to find a cure so that people stop dying from aids. Aids is a recurring problem throughout history and it needs to be stopped so people stop dying. Aids can spread through many ways but unprotected sex and sharing needles for drugs are the main reasons aids spreads. This is a problem because people can have aids for years without even knowing they have it so they can spread it through several people in their life whether that be through drugs or sex.This is a problem because many people can get infected because of this.Many people can get infected by one person who doesn 't know they have aids. People who get are aids deteriorating their body. A lot of people who have hiv are unaware that they even have it (“The Scripps Research Institute”).The spread of aids is bad because people who don 't know they have it can blindlessly spread it to many people.There are many causes for aids.
Aids has many ways to be contracted. There are many people who get aids and don 't know about it. People contract Aids Through
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