AIDS In America

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AIDS in America

AIDS is a Sexual Transmitted Disease that has been going around for 30 years. AIDS can be transmitted to anyone, even through birth. AIDS has killed over 600,000 men and women. Also AIDS has even killed children. Most cases of AIDS in America there are many people battling with AIDS. People without AIDS are scared to be around someone with AIDS because they think it is contagious by contact and do not want to be near someone with AIDS. Most people in America are not aware of people with AIDS. There are a lot of people in America with AIDS that most people do not know of. “Since then, more than half of a million Americans have died of AIDS, and 1.1 million people are currently living with HIV in the United …show more content…

When a person finds out that someone has AIDS they assume they can get it. Yes AIDS are contagious but it is not contagious by contact. You can only get it through blood and unprotected sex. People with AIDS are often mistreated. People without AIDS treat them differently because they are not as healthy as they are. People with AIDS are bullied, and because of that they may commit suicide. Most may just move residences and jobs because they do not want more people to find out other than the people that may have already found out. “To avoid rejection and humiliation, Central Americans living with HIV may change residence, avoid seeking services in nearby health centers, or fargo medical attention altogether” (Gonzalez). In some people's eyes a family member may have AIDS but they think they are still healthy because their love for them. All people should be treated the same with or without AIDS. We are all still human and nobody with AIDS should be mistreated. Even though the person may have made a bad decision on whether to have protected sex or not they should still be treated equally. Some people don't even get through sex, they get it through birth because of the mother may have had it. That is one cause of an early death. Not all of people who has a mother with AIDS have been born with the infection. Sometimes they just don’t get the infection through birth which is a good thing. But to the kids that may have AIDS …show more content…

It can be transmitted through blood and or unprotected sex. “They are being infected through unprotected sexual intercourse, drug use and babies being born with AIDS because the mother is infected” (Horton). AIDS can cause death and AIDS lowers your immune system until the point to where your body cannot push itself anymore. AIDS is a deadly disease, and since there is not a cure for AIDS many people have died from it. There are currently millions of people living with AIDS. But sadly also more than half of a million of them has died from AIDS. Most people are afraid to do checkups because they afraid to come out positive. If you have had unprotected sex before and you have the following symptoms: Swollen lymph nodes (lymph glands), Diarrhea, Fever, Cough, and unintended weight loss you may need to seek medical attention immediately. You are not vulnerable to AIDS unless you tend to keep doing things that may have you catch it. Also AIDS can be transmitted through breastfeeding. Such things as saliva and tears do not transmit the disease to others. There is a thing called antiretroviral treatment which slows down the process of AIDS for whoever may have it. Doctors say the antiretroviral treatment reduces the risk of death but also is genuinely expensive and has side effects to it. Another thing that the doctors say is that you can live from up to 6 months all the way to 11 years without any treatment. Even though

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