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Air Canada Business Brief Alessia Ianni-Palarchio Ms. Adridge BOH4M1-01 Air Canada is a major player in the airline industry, as it has been since its foundation on April 11, 1936. As one of the top airlines in the industry, there is a high standard of quality that was, is, and must continue to be maintained by the dedicated staff in the employee of Air Canada. It continues to be a steady market, especially with the stability of the Canadian economy. The downturn prices in oil continue to impact the dollar, however, it lowers operational cost in the industry, and allows competition to remain high. Currently staff numbers 24.5 thousand full time employees across all of our locations in Canada, the United States, France, Denmark, New…show more content…
Stock Prices 2007 - 2015 Lowered oil prices reduce overall overhead costs, also improving the financial state as it provides more leeway in the budget. This can be put toward improving the fleet, as well as invested into improving customer service abilities. PEST Analysis Political Factors Economic Factors • Riots in the United States and high racial tensions may lower flights specifically to that area. • Lowered price of oil for political reasons • Economic downturn, but stability • Young generations spending less on travel Social Factors Technological Factors • Recent airline disappearances and crash reports in media • Change in PEDs policies • Apple iWatch provides new means of check-in and data collection on passengers. • New regulation on use of PEDs in flight With the emergence of new personal electronic devices (PEDs), the company has been pleased to announce the new policy on the usage of such devices, which allows for gate-to-gate usage, so long as no data is transmitted or received. The use of earbud headphones is still not permitted for use until the designated altitude has been reach, however, as a safety protocol. With the number of plane-related incidents in the past year, safety procedures are of the utmost importance and must be maintained to a higher level of standard than usual. Porter’s Five Forces Industry Competition – Moderate to High No sustainable advantage

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