Essay about Air Pollution in Birmingham, Alabama

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Air pollution continues to be a significant problem in the city of Birmingham, as it has been for decades. No one enjoys walking the streets of Birmingham only to taste or smell the smoke and particulates in the air, not to mention the damaging effects to one’s health. Fortunately, improvements have been made; forty years ago, residents of Birmingham could not even see the skyline due to the immense amounts of particulates in the air, but now the skyline is visible on a daily basis. The noticeable improvement indicates the progress that has been made over the years, but there is still plenty of room for much needed improvement. Birmingham’s air quality is among some of the worst in the United States, but there are several feasible and …show more content…

For decades, the air quality in Birmingham did not meet EPA criteria, but crossed the threshold this year. This achievement demonstrates the prominent progress made by the industries and residents to improve air quality.
Although much improvement has been made, there is still more to be done. Spencer states that “In 2011, the American Lung Association ranked Birmingham the eight-worst city in the nation for particle pollution, or soot” (An Old Cloud of Polluted Air Lifts from Birmingham’s Shoulders). Birmingham’s attempts at improving air quality have been valuable, but the air in Birmingham is still dirty when compared to other industrial cities. Pollution continues to pose an enormous threat to residents of urban cities worldwide. In the August 2008 Monthly Update, it is stated that approximately 800,000 deaths each year can be attributed to outdoor air pollution, making pollution the single most harmful environmental hazard to human health in urban areas (Kallman). The fact that pollution kills hundreds of thousands of people each year alone portrays just how dangerous living in these conditions can be. Kallman writes about a study which proves an increase in upper respiratory diseases, cardiovascular mortality, respiratory mortality, and low birth weights when exposed to air pollutants (August 2008: Monthly Update). These can be very serious diseases and complications which, when contracted, can lead to death or very serious illnesses. There

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