Smog Pollution in Beijing Essay

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Smog pollution in Beijing Smog pollution has been around since the start of industrialization, and there are many cities that suffer from its consequences. Among them, Beijing is singled out as the hotspot these days. In the past winter, an unprecedented amount of smog cloaked Beijing, filling the city with noxious air and causing convulsive coughing among the local residents. Not only does smog cause inconvenience in transportation by reducing visibility, but also, according to a study at UC Berkeley, smog has a huge impact on people’s health: “people living in the smoggiest cities were 30 percent more likely to have succumbed to lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia.” In his essay, “The Tragedy of The …show more content…

Technology helped to improve the population limit from around 60 million in the 1400s to more than 700 million in the 2000s. Now, the world is crowded. 7 billion people might seem to be a big number compared to the available space on the earth, but it is negligible compared to the whole universe. With the advancement of technology, people might be able to expand the commons further to other planets. This is not unreasonable. 100 years ago people were not able to send man to the sky using airplane. But 40 years ago, the first man was sent to the Moon. Who knows if people are going to reside on Mars 50 years from now with the help of technology? As history demonstrates, Hardin’s idea is problematic in that he treats the commons as something static and immobile. To him, the total population is limited by L/A, and the more each person consumes, the less population the commons could afford. This is only true if L and A are constants, but unfortunately they are not. Technical solutions do exist because technology could enlarge the commons (increasing L), and increases the efficiency of utilizing the commons (reducing A). With the ceaseless advancement of technology, the limits of population, pollution, and anything that could be categorized as a “tragedy of the commons” is pushed to infinity just as P=L/A approaches infinity mathematically when L keeps increasing and A decreasing. The

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