Airline Fleet Planning For An Airline Company Essay

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Having an effective airline fleet planning is of the utmost importance in order for an airline company to be profitable and thrive. Considering how airline fleet planning is directly related to the manner in which an airline company purchases new aircraft and decides its routes, it is imperative to evaluate all the factors involved in such planning. Profitability is one of the main goals of an airline company and can be attained by means of a carefully planned aircraft selection. Airline routes are also an essential element enabling an airline company to maximize its profits. The following report examines and analyzes airline fleet planning in order to observe how airline companies organize their fleets, and how factors such as fuel consumption, routes, range, and seat capacity are all taken into consideration by airline companies when purchasing new aircraft. Through research covering multiple scholarly journals, books, and websites, the analysis presented in this report will assist airline companies in determining the best manner in which to purchase new aircraft and plan its fleet.
Keywords: airline fleet planning; airline routes; airline seat capacity; aircraft fuel consumption; aircraft route; airline range, aircraft purchase

Airline Fleet Planning: An Effective Approach to Aeronautical Science
The aviation industry began to flourish during the early nineteenth century when many airlines were established in order to take advantage of a growing and

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