Airport Security And Counter Terrorism

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Airport security is defined as the methods and techniques which is used in reinforcing security at airports and for aircrafts and which associated with crime too. Airports are serving to a large number of passengers, these types of placements are mostly targeting by the terrorists and other criminals they can exploit to initiate to criminal acts and terrorist. Reinforcement of airport security aims at preventing dangerous situations from been witnessed in the country. The main objective of airport security which include is protecting the airports from the potential threats from terrorists and county, and they also reassure the safety of the public and protect other peoples’ two in the country. National security and counter-terrorism are…show more content…
In this essay I will show you about the problem of airports and what they are taking to prove the security. In the 1960’s and 70’s the main threat to the passengers on the aircraft was hijacked. These day it 's become even more brutal such as; terrorists, destroy aircraft, either by blowing them up in midair or crashing plane by other types of targets. The main reason for security these days is to prevent any passenger bringing on either a weapon or a bomb that could be used to overpower the crew or the airplanes. It 's very hard to predict what technology will be applied, either to terrorist weapons or to security scanners. The airports have got new modern scanners which can show clear images about passengers when you scan them, this even work when passengers have clothes on, when this system came, lot of people complained about this new technology. In endeavoring to wipe out all danger of flying, we have made air travel an unending, which was like a nightmare for U.S. travelers and guests from abroad, while in the meantime making a security framework that is fragile where it needs to be supple. Any push to revamp TSA and get airport terminal security right in the U.S. needs to begin with two fundamental standards. First, the TSA wants to prevent a catastrophic attack on the transportation framework, but not every single passenger can avoid harm when they are traveling. Much of the friction in the system today results from rules that are direct responses
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