Airports Continue to See Major Changes in Security Due to September 11

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Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, airport security has received considerable attention from the government as well expect in the aviation industry. The damages that transpired following the attack have remained fresh in the minds of peace loving citizens. In fact, security has become everybody’s business because a security lapse in the aviation industry paralyzes various sector of the economy. Today, the government has encouraged redesigning of the airport with much consideration given to security. The new concerns in the wake of 9/11 terrorist attack propose integration of security into airport design and planning. Although the airports may not accommodate redesigning of the general layout, critics agree that an …show more content…

Facility Placement
I). Airport maintenance facilities
The airport maintenance facilities contain hangar areas and involve public access as well as supply of deliverables. Since these facilities are accessible to the public, airport operator should coordinate security of these facilities to limit the chances of any possible threat. Moreover, the products delivered through these facilities might contain materials that might be useful in planting a security assault.
II). Aircraft movement area
By definition, aircraft movement encompasses areas such as runways, aircraft ramps, and taxiways. These movement areas are completely airside and require specific security measures as provided for by the law in addition to adhering to Federal Aviation Regulations. The accessibility of the aircraft movement area by public or individuals conducting specific duties makes such areas prone to security needs. Largely, the airport operator might not assume that the intentions of persons accessing these areas are not potential threat to the airport security.
III). Air rescue and fire fighting facilities
The air rescue and fire fighting facilities are critical to airport operation. While there is need for preparedness in handling accidental fire or conducting air rescue just incase incidences of similar nature occur, these facilities require adequate security concerns. Moreover, the positioning of these facilities makes them potential for security vulnerabilities. At times, the public

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