Airport Vacation Essay

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It was spring break 2016, my freshman year in high school. My mom had booked our flight to Florida a few months before. I was more excited for this vacation than most others because my parents told my younger sister and me we could each bring a friend. We chose to bring our cousins Ellie and Adri. Neither of them had ever been on a plane before, in result the flight down was quite interesting. At one point my cousin Adri said to me as she looked down out the airplane window, “Woooah! Look you can see the stars.” I afterwards had to remind her that we were flying through clouds, which mean the stars would be above us not below. “Adri, those are the city lights.” I said back to her giggling. Over the rest of the plane ride we chatted and took a couple short naps. When our plane finally landed in Florida, we exited in to the airport to go retrieve our luggage. It was pleasant to step outside and be surrounded by warm air once again after coming from the chill of Kansas earlier that morning. Of course the hotel we were staying at wasn’t right beside the airport, we rented a cab to take us there. Our cab driver acted as if she knew where she was going; although, we ended up getting lost for around fifteen minutes making the ride an hour total. Once we finally arrived, we were eager to reach our room, put on our swimsuits, and hit the beach! By the time we had settled in to the room and headed out to the beach it was about 2:00. It had been a few years since I had visited the

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