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1. Recommend new products for Al Ain Diary based on competitive analysis, consumer insights and emerging trends. Managing competition intended to ensure the most favorable position to gain or keep a competitive advantage. Its need to assess the potential competitors, evaluate their actions and the degree of competitive threat, to predict the actions of competitors. Competitive analysis is a prerequisite for success in the market. Competitive analysis - assessment and prediction capabilities and competitive actions rent on the basis of the study collected information and expert opinions. As we can see from the table in the case study, the competitors company’s assortment is wider than Al Ain Dairy assortment is. The idea of Al…show more content…
- What is the final impression The target audience is mostly mothers from 20-40s, young children, teenagers and young adults. So Al Ain Dairy can expand their target audience and include the men from 20-40s. They need to add healthy drinks to do this.Al Ain Dairy can offer audience a selection of dairy products, including flavored milk, as well as starting the production of ice cream. All their products are made from natural ingredients. The content of chemical elements is minimal. Guarantee may be that the Al Ain Dairy has long been on the market. Their name is known throughout the country. This is a huge company which gained the trust of consumers. This all speaks for itself There are only two of the most common strategies for the brand development - standardization and globalization. If you select the standardization, the brand will be managed in line with market standards, fully adjusting to them. In this case, corporate identity brings nothing new, except that the improved product, but does not go beyond the standards. If the development of the brand is on the path of globalization, it means that the development of corporate identity aims to be a leader and tried to oust their products all the competition, creating a monopoly. For a company such as Al Ain Dairy the only way is globalization. They need to become the most popular brand of dairy products in UAE and try to enter the

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