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Ala Moana Hula Show at Ala Moana Center Stage Music 107, Fall 2017 On Wednesday, November 22nd, my friend and I went to Ala Moana. At Ala Moana Center Stage, there was a hula group performing as a part of Ala Moana’s daily Ala Moana Hula Show. The Ala Moana Hula Show occurs daily from 1:00 pm to 1:20 pm. On Sundays, the Ala Moana Center Stage features the Ala Moana Keiki Hula Show, which displays how hula traditions are perpetuated through Hawaii’s youth. The name of the group was said very few times in the beginning of the show, but do to acoustics within the mall, was very difficult to hear. Thus, I was not able to get the name of the hālau. The performance consisted of one hālau, with about two or three different groups of performers per song, with a range of six to eight dancers. The age of the dancers were all older ladies, visually, ranging from about fourty to sixty years of age. The group could very well have been a local group but to my insticts, seemed closer to a group originating from Japan, due to their attire, dance mannerism, and song choices. The audience consisted of mall…show more content…
This particular group did not perform any kahiko pieces, mainly performing modern hula and genres of hula stemming after the King Kalākaua’s Hawaiian Renaissance. Due to the lack of kahiko performance, there was no monophonic texture in the auditory portion of the performance. If anything, the one quality that alluded to the modern style of dance was the facial expressions of the dancers. With pleasant looks on their faces, it did not resemble the strictness of kahiko styled hula. The hula dancers did not use any instruments, instead, they relied on their portrayal of the text through their hand movements and gestures. They wore typical muʻumuʻu’s and wore their hair up, with local flora decorating
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