Albrecht Durer Research Paper

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Albrecht Durer was born Nuremberg, German in 1471 and died 1528. Durer was painter, printmaker and theorist of the German Romanians. Durer was the second son of the goldsmith Albrecht Durer the Elder. Durer was training on his father workshop. His shill was remarkable because self-portrait done in 1484. Durer was talented so when he was 15 years old he finished work of art in the late Gothic style.
Durer trip Italy twice on his life 1494 to 1495 and 1505 to 1507. In May 1494 Durer married with Agnes Frey. The Agnes Frey is the daughter of a merchant. The most remarkable painting was the Renaissance spirit is a self-portrait painted in 1498. Durer developed a new interest in the human society because demonstrated by his nude and antique studies.

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