Alcohol And Drug Addiction Among People Of Different Ages

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Alcohol and drug addiction are two important topics in today’s society. Alcohol and drug addiction affects people of different ages with different backgrounds and ethnicities. There are many researches and studies regarding underlying reasons and roots of these issues. Just as many other addictions, these addictions have psychological, biological, and sociological roots to it. This paper will discuss research findings regarding the main points, roots and underlying reasons of alcohol and drug addiction mostly in adolescents, and it also provides prevention, solutions, and recommendations to these issues in the society.
Many different researches approve the fact that psychological, sociological, and biological factors are related to each other in many different ways. All these aspects are very sensitive to environmental and social factors; they also affect one another directly or indirectly. Perceptual concepts, thought processes, cultural beliefs, religious beliefs, and economic status are all very important aspects in human’s life and can influence a person in many different areas of life. Relationships and communication among people are other factors that can have either positive or negative affect on a person regarding his/her addiction or sobriety. In today’s society there are many factors, such as media and peers that affect people and mostly young adults and influence their thought processes and decision making. Adolescents are greatly influenced by their peers in

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