Alcohol Is The Biggest Killer Of Young People

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Just as Vodka is the drink often associated with Russian culture, Guinness dark stout beer is the drink often associated with Irish culture. This culture is often known for heavy drinking and friendly pubs. Irish whiskey such as Jameson is proudly consumed and exported. Alcohol is the biggest killer of young people in Ireland and many are impacted by their parents drinking. One person dies every seven hours due to alcohol in Ireland. Nine out of ten public order crimes in Ireland are alcohol related and one tenth of the health budget is spent on dealing with alcohol related harm. Studies conducted at universities in Ireland found that drinking behaviors were impacted by having fathers or older siblings with drinking problems. The environment the child grows up in can be highly influential in the child’s attitudes toward alcohol and what they think is normal, and this applies in any culture. One of the most attractive parts of Irish culture is the local pub. The pub has always been known as a place to get together, meet friends, and begin romantic relationships. Tourists from all over the world flood to Dublin during Saint Patrick’s Day to walk the famed O’Connell Street just to involve themselves in the binge drinking tradition and pay a visit to the famed pubs so well known in Irish culture. The pub tradition is just as prominent in Scottish and English culture. Underage drinking is a normal occurrence and widely accepted in these cultures.
Germany has a long history of…
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