Alcoholism In The Glass Castle

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The responsibility of raising a child isn't comparable to any other experience in someone's life. Raising a child, or even multiple children, requires dedication and hard work in order to provide basic necessities of life, such as shelter, food, clothing, mental stimulation, and physical stimulation. Moreover, early all of these things deemed necessities by society were not present in the upbringing of the main character in the novel, “The Glass Castle.” Granted, it is determined by the parent how they would like to raise their child. The parents determine if they would like to raise their child with care and support, with so called “tough love,” or with little to no interaction with their own child. Though the topic of the exact way a child should be raised is highly debated among parents throughout the world, it is undisputed that raising a child in the same fashion that the children were raised in, “The Glass Castle,” would be grossly destructive. Overall, reading this novel as opened my eyes to how alcoholism, as demonstrated by the father in the story, can affect several factors in the development of a growing child.
A child's development is determined early in life depending on how the parent chooses to handle the child from the beginning of their life. This development includes a child's behavior, how they will learn in the future, and even their overall health later in life is determined by how a person parents early in life. As experts from the center on developing

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