Aldi Vs. Soccer : The Opinions For US Soccer

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“Bayern Munich gets each year 30 to 40 million euros less than Manchester United from ticket sales, which means €300m in 10 years. We [the Bundesliga] don’t have influence on ticket prices. All the clubs can decide on their own, but some kind of common sense prevails. Every year in magazines you see double pages about the prices of tickets, bratwurst and beer, etc. and everyone gets in a huge argument if the price of bratwurst goes up by 10 cents. The concept of Aldi was invented in Germany: very cheap but you get a lot for your money” So, the Germans are taking less entry money for soccer per ticket but getting more people through the gates in real terms. Their TV deals are good, but still only a fraction of what Sky pays in England. But …show more content…

The Germans think about how much do we need to invest to make us the best? The English, how little do we need to spend on our kids to keep them happy on a Saturday? Although this is a generalisation not based on fact. It is commonly accepted this is a philosophical difference in soccer in England (BBC Sport, 2017). Although in many US States there are more soccer players than baseball players, soccer remains our fourth sport professionally, behind Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. So, few kids play soccer after HS or college because there is simply more money and more tradition in the US in other sports, and not much of a path to fame, big money and an early retirement in professional soccer. Germany is taking a proactive stance in labor management for the future of its national game. Exceptions to the rule. Southampton FC a case study There are however, one or two marked exceptions to the UK’s philosophy in soccer labor management. One of these is Southampton Football club, a smaller premiership team based on the South Coast of England. In the 2012 World Cup they had managed to produce four players all of whom made debuts for the National Team, Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert, Luke Shaw and Jay Rodriguez, Saintsfc. The first three went to Brazil, Rodriguez was only stopped from joining the England squad by injury. This season they have three English players who have made the team. So why all this success from one of twenty clubs? Southampton have had a rocky

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